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New Pick-Ups Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

What do you get the gamer that has everything? A new game! And never fear, new titles are here! February sees the release of several games that may just pique the interest of your Valentine, and they are all ready to be taken home before the big day! Regardless of what platform your one-and-only plays, there are multiple titles coming out to keep him/her busy! Read On »


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9x – 7i > 3 (3x – 7u) – Translating Nerd into Valentine!

Ahhh l’amour! That wonderful, pit-of-your-stomach feeling you get whenever the apple of your eye crosses your path. Every touch, every smile, even the sound of them saying your name sends shivers down your spine. There’s only one problem: what gift do you get for a nerd that is both romantic and says “I get you”? You don’t want to buy a gift just because you have to – you want to get something that will make your love’s eyes widen to compliment that beautiful smile, and create a special moment you can both cherish. It also doesn’t hurt to look good in the eyes of the person you think is so awesome. Read On »


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The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia – Reviewed

The Legend of Zelda series is 25-years-old this year, and to celebrate, Dark Horse and Nintendo have released the English translation of the book Hyrule Historia by Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of The Legend of Zelda).  Currently, it’s Amazon’s top seller, and it’s no wonder why: The Legend of Zelda has had gamers yearning for a comprehensive look at the Zelda games almost as long as the series has existed!  For years, gamers have been begging for the lineage and extra details that Miyamoto has held  very close to his chest these few decades.  So, what can you expect from this little bundle of joy?  Sit tight and find out as we jump into what you get with your purchase (avoiding spoilers, of course). Read On »


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Kids and Video Games

The never-ending debate over the effect of video games on children is something that has spanned the last few decades. Tales of woe from fear-mongers are strewn all over papers and web-blogs every day, warning us of the evil influence that games have on our children. But… what if they are wrong? What does the research have to say? Read On »


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Come Play with Me – A Gamer’s Guide to Non-Gamers

If you’re a gamer, you probably have people in your life that simply cannot fathom why you spend hours sitting in front of a television screen, immersing yourself in an imaginary world. Maybe you even have that significant other who complains and sighs every time you pick up a controller or head to your computer. It’s entertainment, it’s a release, and it’s so much more to those of us that give it a chance – so why can’t others see that? If they’d just try to put themselves in your shoes maybe they’d spend less time mocking or scolding you, and more time gaming with you! Read On »


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Finding The Inner Balance of a Video Game Review

I didn’t start gaming because I thought it was fun. I did it because I broke my leg. In grade three, I shattered my ankle in three places and was in a cast for almost four months. This was the beginning of the end for me. As the youngest of four and the only girl, I wanted to be just like my brothers. So much so, that even after grade three, I continued – almost yearly – to break at least one bone doing stupid stunts or trying to be good at sports. I’m not good at sports, but just try and keep up with me at Mario Kart – I dare you. Gaming seemed to be the only thing I could do to be better than my siblings, and through many frustrating hours of falling into random pits of doom, or getting lost in the Forests of Hyrule, I became obsessed. For as long as I can remember (and as much as my family insists), I have always had an overactive imagination. This only tightened the grip games had on me, and brought me to where I am today. Read On »


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Looking Ahead to 2013’s Highly Anticipated Game Releases

2012 was full of ups and downs for us all, including our gaming experiences. Though many games like Guild Wars II, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders II, and The Walking Dead will be remembered fondly in our minds, we must move forward and find new ways to eat up all of our spare time. And here we are at last, in 2013. Will this be the year of the gamer? Will you close your blinds and immerse yourselves in epic battles and tales of fantasy, or will you lay down your controllers and keyboards in a fit of surrender, ever yearning for something more? Read On »


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#1reasonwhy We are Putting Ourselves in a Gender Role

Two weeks ago, droves of women gamers, developers, and the like took the initiative to speak out against gender discrimination in the video game industry via the Twitter hashtag #1reasonwhy.  It began when Luke Crane (a Kickstarter employee), queried the public with the tweet, “Why are there so few lady game creators?”  This simple question lit up Twitter with a blaze of responses, from both females and males, regarding the sexism and general discrimination that women face in the gaming industry.  I decided to take to Twitter and have a look at what other people were saying. Read On »


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Places To Do: Microsoft Store Opens At Yorkdale Mall – Toronto

It’s 9:00 a.m. on a cold Thursday morning.  A gaggle of writers, photographers, and editors shuffle down a long corridor towards a tiny side door: the entrance to a brand new Microsoft store, the likes of which has never before been seen in Canada. Read On »


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