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Gambling with Wario on a New Way to Play


There is one game that has me more excited than any other this summer, and that is Nintendo’s Game and Wario.


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Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance Releases Ultimate Edition


Konami has announced the release of the Ultimate Edition of Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance. 


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Gran Turismo 6 Coming to PlayStation 3 This Holiday Season


It was announced on the PlayStation Blog yesterday that Gran Turismo 6 will be coming to the PS3 this holiday season.


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Battle Tails Kickstarter Coming Soon


Huck Gee and Indie Game Developer Nom Games have come together in order to create Battle Tails.  The game, featuring Huck Gee’s Gold Life toy line will be an online multiplayer game.


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A Twisted Treat With A Twisted Pixel Xbox Bundle

Today marks the Xbox Marketplace launch of the first ever Xbox Live BundleRead On »


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Places To Do: Toronto – Play Injustice: Gods Among Us First

EB Games at 267 Yonge St. in Toronto gives you the chance to play Injustice:  Gods Among Us before anyone else. Read On »


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Disney Shows Off Infinity Toybox

Disney Interactive has released a video focused on their Disney Infinity Toybox mode which allows players to create a whole new Disney experience by combining both Disney and Pixar characters. Read On »


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Green Lantern Trailer for Injustice Gods Among Us Released


A new trailer was released today for Injustice:  Gods Among Us showcasing Green Lantern’s role in the game and his struggle to overcome his ultimate foe…  himself. 


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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstart Successful

It seems that Larian Studios Kickstarter campaign for Divinity:  Original Sin was better received than anticipated.  It took them less than 2 weeks to raise the $400K that they were hoping for to develop the game.  Now that the goal has been met, Mac and Linux versions have been confirmed and the editor used by the developers to create Divinity will be included with the game. Read On »


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New DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengence

Jetstream, the new DLC pack for Metal Gear Rising:  Revengence is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360.  Read On »


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