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E3 Rumor Mill – Diablo 3 Coming To PlayStation Vita

As we’re getting settled back into the daily grind and prepping for the summer and holiday seasons, we’re going back through some of the more interesting things that we heard at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo.  While the source that we received this information is quite credible, until something is officially announced, it should be taken with a grain of salt.  We’ve learned that Diablo III is either in development, or will soon be in development for the PlayStation Vita. Read On »


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Spartan IVs Seen In Halo 4 Campaign?

While performing our review of the Microsoft E3 Briefing and going through our photographs, we noticed something interesting; what appears to be a second Spartan in the Halo 4 Trailer. Read On »


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Rumor: PlayStation 4 Specs Possibly Leaked

With E3 fast approaching, the internet is buzzing with rumors, speculation, and supposed leaks, concerning the new next-gen consoles.  The latest comes in the form of a  fact-sheet, detailing the hardware specs and even a release window for the PlayStation 4. Read On »


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