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Nintendo Shows Off Their Holiday Lineup For 2013


This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending Nintendo’s Holiday event for the media, where I got a taste of their upcoming titles.


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National Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas – Day 1

Star Trek Day 1 Feature

I arrived at the Rio Convention center excited. Honestly this is my 6th National convention and only my first in the new location. So while I knew what to expect, I didn’t KNOW what to expect.


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Gamer Life – National Star Trek Convention Invades Las Vegas


And so.. it’s that time of year again readers. The National Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas.  Yours truly will be on site today to begin my coverage of, not just the panels but, the attempt at the largest gathering of Star Fleet and Alien beings for the record books and a quick walk through of the famous vendor hall. So please, tune in here or follow my Twitter @Halandfen to read about all the… Read On »


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Fans Fill Dundas Square In Toronto For Halo 4 Infinity Experience


Just several hours before the midnight release of Halo 4, Torontonians were treated to a massive launch event in Dundas Square. The lines were long, the weather was cold, but the fans were cheerful and the event itself expansive.


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Master Chief Descends On Toronto For Halo 4 Launch Tonight

If you’re chomping at the bit while the hours slowly tick away to the impending launch of Halo 4 this evening, then have we got some fun for you!  Read On »


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Gamer Living Live On Google Hangout For Extra Life!

Join us as we participate in the Extra Life 2012 event, and don’t forget to donate to help us achieve our goal for Beaumont Children’s Hospital!  Check the comments below as we live blog our 24-hour marathon and ask us what you’d like! Read On »


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Just Dance 4’s Toronto Launch Party and Hands-On

With less than a week to go before the American launch of Just Dance 4, Ubisoft showed us Torontonians just how to party on Wednesday, October 3, 2012.  Ubisoft Canada’s launch party was held at Maison Mercer, a chic nightclub situated in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District.   The event coordinators definitely knew what they were doing when they picked the venue—with its multilevel floors, central stage, leather couches, fully supplied bars, and professional dancers showing off their Just Dance moves, the party was hopping right from the start! Read On »


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Dames Making Games: Toronto Women Create Games In Six Weeks

On the evening of August 18, site staff Vicky, Marce, and Jack headed out into the wilds of Toronto to visit Bento Miso, a creative collaborative workspace located just south of Queen Street West (862 Richmond Street West). It was here that the Dames Making Games (DMG) organization was holding a celebration to honour the creations of their ‘Jeuxly’ (pronounced July) initiative, which intended to introduce six women with no history of game development to the development scene. The ultimate objective was for each of the women to have a playable game to offer at this showcase, six weeks after the program launched. Read On »


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Video Games Live 2012 Tour – Not Quite What It Used To Be

In October of 2006, the woman who would one day be my wife and I attended a concert in downtown Toronto’s Massey Hall. For two hours we were treated to the sounds of some of our most favorite video game titles over the last 30 years, and would make us diehard fans of the show. After attending two more shows in Detroit, and an additional two in Toronto (including a free concert held in Dundas Square) over the last six years, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see them at LA Live’s Nokia Theatre this last June during E3 2012.

Knowing now what I knew then, however, I think I should have passed. Read On »


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Attending the Dark Ascension Pre-release Party

For many Magic: The Gathering fans, the wait for the Dark Ascension block is almost over.  Wondering what’s coming in this new set?  Worry not, as I attended one of the pre-release events in London, Ontario, at a local card shop called Fresher’s, to give you the lowdown on what to expect.

Read On »


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