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6 Things To Get Your Gamer For Christmas


Well, it’s that most wonderful time of year again! Don’t know about you folks, but Christmas seems to have snuck up on us at Gamer Living.  For those of you who are in the same boat and completely at a loss for what to get the gamers on your list, we’ve compiled a handy guide of items that gamers or collectors would love to have. Take a look!


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New Pick-Ups Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

What do you get the gamer that has everything? A new game! And never fear, new titles are here! February sees the release of several games that may just pique the interest of your Valentine, and they are all ready to be taken home before the big day! Regardless of what platform your one-and-only plays, there are multiple titles coming out to keep him/her busy! Read On »


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9x – 7i > 3 (3x – 7u) – Translating Nerd into Valentine!

Ahhh l’amour! That wonderful, pit-of-your-stomach feeling you get whenever the apple of your eye crosses your path. Every touch, every smile, even the sound of them saying your name sends shivers down your spine. There’s only one problem: what gift do you get for a nerd that is both romantic and says “I get you”? You don’t want to buy a gift just because you have to – you want to get something that will make your love’s eyes widen to compliment that beautiful smile, and create a special moment you can both cherish. It also doesn’t hurt to look good in the eyes of the person you think is so awesome. Read On »


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Games for Moms – Thoughts for Mother’s Day Gifts

So, Mother’s Day is this weekend – Sunday, to be exact. And since you’re here, we know you love video games. Why not share this love with your mom? Her interest may surprise you. Read On »


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All I Want for Christmas – A Holiday Gamer Guide

So you’re trying to think of what to get your gamer for the holidays, but they’ve already bought those big ticket titles for the year.  So what do you do?  Sure, you could get them a gift card for their favorite retailer, but what’s the fun in that?  You want to see them actually tear into the gift paper that you worked so hard to wrap nice and neat (or in my case, begged my spouse to wrap nice and neat) and see the look on their faces when they get that one thing they least expected, but absolutely love.  So we here at have got a few holiday recommendations for you. Read On »


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