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GamePlay Retailer Could Give GameStop A Run For Consumer Dollars

A new videogame retail store has been insinuating itself into the Michigan scene lately, and it just might give gamers pause before running to the nearest Gamestop to plunk down their hard-earned cash for the latest Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. GamePlay, with four locations now in Southeastern Michigan (and sixteen more slated in the near future, with three being in Nevada) is fast expanding, and with good reason! These stores not only offer the same buy, sell, or trade policy, but retro-games and platforms too. Read On »


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Places To Do – Toronto: PlayStation Lounge

At 267 Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto, just a block south of Dundas Square and across the street from the Eaton Centre, Sony Canada has teamed up with GameStop to bring gamers the PlayStation Lounge.  Perched up on the second floor of this huge gaming retail shop, you’ll find a nirvana to PlayStation lovers! Read On »


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Places To Do – Xbox 360 Central: Toronto

When Victoria told me about the location of the Disney event that she went to last week, I had to see this for myself.  Nestled in amongst the shops at 330 Queen Street, Toronto, about a block away from the Silver Snail (a phenomenal haunt for the comic aficionado), was a little nook emblazoned with the Xbox 360 logo.  Microsoft had set up shop with some of the latest titles available, and a few that weren’t, for the public to feast upon and try out. Read On »


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