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Gamers, Personas, and Perception – An Interview With Professor Jamie Banks


With video game violence so often put into the media spotlight after a tragedy occurs, gamers are often portrayed as violent, anti-social individuals.


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Making Games Come To Life – An Interview With Project Triforce’s Drew Seldin


Gamer Living’s Will Anderson caught Project Triforce co-founder Drew Seldin on the road to grab his gear for New York Comic Con.  He had a chance to discuss some of the products that Triforce will have on display, and the work that goes in to making some of the most iconic pieces of video game art come to life as full scale replicas. WILL: Hi Drew, this is William Anderson from Gamer Living. How’re you… Read On »


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An Interview With Lorne Balfe – Behind the Music of Beyond: Two Souls and Skylanders Swap Force


Will Anderson managed to sit down with music composer Lorne Balfe after arriving from his latest tour and chat about the launch of two of his projects – Beyond: Two Souls and Skylanders: SWAP Force, as well as the role of music in video games and more.


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I’m a Detroiter, Love Guns, Play Video Games, and I’ve Never Killed Anybody


Detroit has a really bad rap.  If you were born and raised there, the assumption seems to be that you’re packing heat around the clock no matter where you go.  A place Jeremy Clarkson once described as “Drugs, violence, murder, terror. The end of days.”


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Interview with Otis Perrick – CEO: Disruptive Publishers


When it comes to customizing our experiences on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, we really don’t put a lot of thought into the work and the business behind it.  Otis Perrick and his team at Disruptive Publishers work their wizardry from the boardroom to the living room, creating these little works of art that help make our console unique to our personality.  Gamer Living’s Will Anderson got a chance to sit down with Otis, and… Read On »


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Healthy or Hurtful? Gaming Addictions in the Gaming Community


We’ve all been there: just one more level, just one more boss fight – just one more hour. But when does gaming turn from a casual day-off activity into an all-consuming, life-altering experience that negatively impacts the gamer? Video game addiction comes in many forms, and the more educated we are about it, the less likely we are to fall victim to it.


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Imgur User Recreates Halo’s Silent Cartographer in Minecraft


A user on Imgur, appropriately named Gravemind2401 today posted their Minecraft creation: a painstakingly accurate reproduction of the classic level, The Silent Cartographer from Halo.


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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Paladin Edition Unboxing


It’s August 20th and the much anticipated Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been released.  The game, released by Ubisoft also had a special Paladin Edition that came with a remote controlled airplane.


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National Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas – Day 1

Star Trek Day 1 Feature

I arrived at the Rio Convention center excited. Honestly this is my 6th National convention and only my first in the new location. So while I knew what to expect, I didn’t KNOW what to expect.


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Gamer Life – National Star Trek Convention Invades Las Vegas


And so.. it’s that time of year again readers. The National Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas.  Yours truly will be on site today to begin my coverage of, not just the panels but, the attempt at the largest gathering of Star Fleet and Alien beings for the record books and a quick walk through of the famous vendor hall. So please, tune in here or follow my Twitter @Halandfen to read about all the… Read On »


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