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Stringed Orchestra Brings Video Game Classics To Life – Game Music (Album) Review

I was exposed to a wide variety of music as a child, very much in part due to my father’s appreciation for the art as both an aficionado and performer. Many late nights were spent next to my heater vent as I listened to him play the drums in the basement with his 70s and 80s rock cover bands, with my mother wondering why I was so very tired in the morning having ‘gone to bed’ no later than 8PM the previous night. This appreciation for music extended beyond the Rock n’ Roll to Classical music. At the age of 8 he gave me his clarinet, and I joined the school band to learn about the art of brass and woodwind instruments. As I grew up, the 90s Grunge movement stole my attention away from the clarinet, and gave me the desire to learn to play guitar, but I always had an appreciation for the classical, symphonic music that follows me to this day. Read On »


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