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SteelSeries Gears You Up With “We

SteelSeries is showing some love for the long time partnership they’ve had with Blizzard by holding a week-long sale. Read On »


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SteelSeries Gears You Up With “We <3 Blizzard Week”


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Sponsored Stories on Facebook: Users could get up to $10 each!

We’ve all seen the status updates and mass amounts of newsfeed posts or messages regarding Facebook and their privacy policies, or how they use our information. It’s been so overdone that nobody really pays attention to it anymore. Until now.

On January 26, 2013, many U.S. citizens who have Facebook accounts received an interesting email in their inbox from ‘’, regarding a potential to be counted for a $10 settlement regarding the class-action lawsuit against Facebook, on behalf of its users.  I’m sure most of the people who received this message fluffed it off as useless junk and deleted it outright – tossing it into the pile of unwanted fake anti-Facebook spam in cyberspace. Read On »


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The Internet War – Which Side Are You On?

The recent events surrounding Aaron Swartz, Anonymous, MIT, and the U.S. government has caused a complete uproar in all directions over the World Wide Web. The last three weeks have seen the best and worst responses to the concept of a free and open Web. Which side of the argument do you find yourself on? As technology grows and adapts, we find ourselves arguing the moral debate that all knowledge brings us to: how much knowledge is too much? Do we wish to simply be blinded by mediocrity, excel past the point of stability, or find a middle ground? Read On »


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Forza and GT5 Get You Close To The Real Thing, But NAIAS 2013 Gets You Closer

Being born and raised in the Motor City, cars are in my blood. Whether it’s going for a long cruise along the Detroit Riverfront or in the downtown core of Toronto, going full out in a quarter-mile, or getting behind the wheel in a racing sim, I love to drive.  While driving a virtual rendition of an exotic car costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars may be fun, there’s nothing so exciting as getting some real tactile contact with these dreams on wheels.  So, with the North American International Auto Show in full swing in Detroit, Michigan, I couldn’t resist taking a look at some of the best that the auto industry has to offer for 2013.  I, along with super keen photographer Brad Goldring and good friend Taner Bosnali, walked the floor and decided to choose our picks for the best concepts that we’d love to see in in Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 5, and got a good close look at some of the cars that are already in the games. Read On »


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Microsoft To Drop Price On Surface RT Tablet?

Today, Dealnews feature writer, Louis Ramirez, posited that Microsoft may be looking at the possibility of reducing the price on the Surface RT tablet in the next couple of months by as much as 38%.  Read On »


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SteelSeries Goes Back To The Bare Essentials With The Sensei [RAW]

SteelSeries today announced the release of a version of the Sensei mouse that goes back to basics; the Sensei [RAW]. Read On »


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Halo 4 Xbox 360 And Accessories Revealed at SDCC

This last weekend, Microsoft revealed the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console at the San Diego Comic Convention.  Read On »


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Stay Frosty With SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue Edition Headset

SteelSeries, maker of high quality PC and console gaming peripherals, today announced the launch of a new line of their Siberia V2 headsets for PC; the Frost Blue Edition!  Read On »


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Microsoft Releases SmartGlass Development Kit To Partners

Microsoft announced today that they have made the SDK (Software Development Kit) for SmartGlass available to “partners that have agreements to develop Xbox games or entertainment applications for the Xbox 360 console.”  Read On »


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