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Sponsored Stories on Facebook: Users could get up to $10 each!

We’ve all seen the status updates and mass amounts of newsfeed posts or messages regarding Facebook and their privacy policies, or how they use our information. It’s been so overdone that nobody really pays attention to it anymore. Until now.

On January 26, 2013, many U.S. citizens who have Facebook accounts received an interesting email in their inbox from ‘’, regarding a potential to be counted for a $10 settlement regarding the class-action lawsuit against Facebook, on behalf of its users.  I’m sure most of the people who received this message fluffed it off as useless junk and deleted it outright – tossing it into the pile of unwanted fake anti-Facebook spam in cyberspace. Read On »


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The Internet War – Which Side Are You On?

The recent events surrounding Aaron Swartz, Anonymous, MIT, and the U.S. government has caused a complete uproar in all directions over the World Wide Web. The last three weeks have seen the best and worst responses to the concept of a free and open Web. Which side of the argument do you find yourself on? As technology grows and adapts, we find ourselves arguing the moral debate that all knowledge brings us to: how much knowledge is too much? Do we wish to simply be blinded by mediocrity, excel past the point of stability, or find a middle ground? Read On »


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Could Microsoft Be Announcing The Purchase Of Nokia?

With all of the rumors and speculation ongoing about the upcoming announcement from Microsoft that has technology journalists from all over dashing to Los Angeles for a super-secret announcement, every media outlet in the country is waiting with bated breath for what the Redmond-based juggernaut is ready to unveil.  Most of the speculation is surrounding the possible announcement of a Microsoft branded Windows 8 tablet.  But we wonder, is it just a tablet announcement that would give Microsoft reason to have everyone flying into the sunny City of Angels? Read On »


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