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Forza and GT5 Get You Close To The Real Thing, But NAIAS 2013 Gets You Closer

Being born and raised in the Motor City, cars are in my blood. Whether it’s going for a long cruise along the Detroit Riverfront or in the downtown core of Toronto, going full out in a quarter-mile, or getting behind the wheel in a racing sim, I love to drive.  While driving a virtual rendition of an exotic car costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars may be fun, there’s nothing so exciting as getting some real tactile contact with these dreams on wheels.  So, with the North American International Auto Show in full swing in Detroit, Michigan, I couldn’t resist taking a look at some of the best that the auto industry has to offer for 2013.  I, along with super keen photographer Brad Goldring and good friend Taner Bosnali, walked the floor and decided to choose our picks for the best concepts that we’d love to see in in Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 5, and got a good close look at some of the cars that are already in the games. Read On »


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