Eador: Genesis

The world is no longer whole. All that remains are the islands of existence drifting aimlessly through the endless ocean of emptiness and oblivion. This broken realm houses many aspiring despots, hell-bent on uniting the floating shards of land under their own rule. There was, however, no single monarch who could achieve that feat since the time of the cataclysm. That won’t stop you from trying, of course. Is it because you’re even more hungry for power and wealth then your opponents? Or maybe you see a higher purpose in domination over Eador? Maybe you believe, that the world united under the rule of one strong leader will finally begin to heal? As one of the Masters, you’re free to exercise your will however you see fit. But know this: history will judge you.

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From Peasant to Powerhouse – Eador Genesis Review 4.25 January 3, 2013