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Madden NFL 13  delivers physics you can feel on every play, and will connect you to the NFL and other fans like never before.  Powered by the all-new Infinity Engine, every impact on the field is more intense; every battle is more authentic; and no two plays will every look or feel the same.

This year the passing game has been completely revamped, with new features on both sides of the ball. Total Control Passing provides more options than ever, and allows quarterbacks to lead receivers away from coverage and into open spaces on the field. Conversely, opportunistic defenders can utilize the new Ball Hawk mechanic to aggressively attack passes in flight and attempt swats and interceptions. Ball Hawk rewards risk-takers with more spectacular defensive plays; but be careful, as missed attempts can lead to wide-open receivers and big plays for the offense.

Madden NFL 13 marks the biggest investment in gameplay in franchise history, including Kinect™ for Xbox 360 ® integration that puts fans at the line making all the calls.  Fans can take advantage of the Kinect for Xbox 360 to make pre-snap adjustments and audibles on offense and defense with their voice. Changing plays, calling hot routes and making player-specific adjustments can all be handled without a controller, streamlining the process and giving fans a whole new way to attack the opposition.

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Going for the Touchdown: Madden NFL 13 Reviewed 4.0 August 24, 2012