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King of the Lawless – Anarchy Reigns Review

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. From pandemonium and rage comes the brawler Anarchy Reigns, the spiritual successor to MadWorld developed by PlatinumGames Inc., featuring  a story told from two different perspectives and more fighting action than you can shake a fist at. In a world of chaos and political upheaval, does this beat-‘em-up have what it takes to reign supreme, or will its lawlessness be its downfall? The tale of Anarchy Reigns… Read On »


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With ANARCHY REIGNS, PlatinumGames will be using their hallmark creativity and technical excellence to challenge the boundaries of the conventional brawler genre by allowing multiple players to get involved in heavy-hitting action simultaneously.  ANARCHY REIGNS incorporates a diverse range of multiplayer modes to provide players with different challenges, including Tag Team battles and Battle Royal, where players can challenge others in a full-on fight for victory.