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Avernum: Escape from the Pit – Review

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This game was reviewed on the PC. Avernum: Escape from the Pit started off its life in 1995 as Exile: Escape from the Pit. A popular and engaging game, Exile offered a deep story with hours of exploration and complex combat.  The game was so well received that even after a decade, it retained enough popularity that Spiderweb offered the game on its website, but technical problems began to interfere with finding new fans.  Rather than… Read On »


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You have been banished to this underworld, never to see the light of day. While the surface continues to suffer under the iron fist of Emperor Hawthorne, you will enter into a battle for survival in Avernum, a hungry and fragile nation deep in the underworld. The people of this world have not given up, however, and they are forging a new nation of their own with steel, magic, and dreams of returning to the… Read On »