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Turn Back the Blades of Time (Review)

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This game was reviewed on PC While storming a monastery, treasure hunters Ayumi and her partner Zero find themselves in a mess of trouble after Ayumi takes control of a mystical sphere. She is pulled to a magical island called Dragonland, where treasure hunters have tread before, but none have left maps or recordings.  Worse yet, Ayumi is separated from Zero, and the island proves itself to be a deadly place; filled with monsters and… Read On »


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Developed by Gaijin, Blades of Time is an original action title boasting a sword-wielding treasure hunter named Ayumi, fighting for survival within a hostile fantasy realm. The game is set in the world of Dragonland, legendary for its treasure, where a demonic being has taken control and is wreaking havoc. Armed with a pair of swords, Ayumi is charged with toppling the evil overlord, and must evolve her fighting skills and magic abilities in order… Read On »