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Chaos on Deponia Review For PC

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This game was reviewed on the PC. Point-and-click adventure games have recently fallen out of vogue in favour of shinier, louder genres like the first person shooter; however, you can’t keep a classic gameplay style like this down for too long, and Chaos on Deponia makes expert use of several tropes, mechanics and staples of the point-and-click adventure genre, showcasing the genre’s strengths excellently.  This game is in the vein of the Sam and Max,… Read On »


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Chaos on Deponia ,

Players can celebrate the reunion of Rufus and Goal in the sequel of the worldwide beloved game Deponia. Compared to the predecessor, Chaos on Deponia improves in every possible way and players can expect even more depth and fun. The award winning hit Deponia has been critically acclaimed by the gaming press and became the best reviewed adventure of all times in Germany within the shortest time. Rufus, the main character, is as lovely as… Read On »