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Save the Day…or Destroy it: City of Heroes Under the Radar Review

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This game was reviewed on PC If the current MMORPG scene was a romantic comedy, City of Heroes would be the cute, quirky best friend who faithfully waits on the sidelines while the protagonist chased after the more attractive but ultimately flawed love interest.  The game isn’t perfect by any means, and there’s more emphasis on the ‘multiplayer’ aspect of a MMO than other offerings on the market.  If, however, you can persevere through the… Read On »


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City of Heroes

City of Heroes is a true departure from the MMORPG market, which is primarily filled with medieval fantasy-based titles. The game enables players to realize their comic book dreams. Heroes protect the fine citizens of Paragon City in a colorful 3-D world where the victims of crimes not only thank players for their help, but they even compliment players on their costumes!