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Are You Afraid of the Dark? (The Darkness II Review)

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3 console. If you’re anybody other than Jackie Estacado, you might want to bring a nightlight. Jackie is back with a vengeance in 2K Games’ The Darkness II!  The story takes place two years after the events of the first game, and Jackie has become Don of the Franchetti crime family.  All of his hard work to contain The Darkness before it consumes him falls to pieces as a… Read On »


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The Darkness II Demo

I believe in a thing called Love!  Just listen to the rhythm… err… wrong darkness!  This case of an absence of light is the demo for the upcoming game: The Darkness II.  This violent first-person shooter is one that I’m personally very excited for, and let me show you why.  I promise there will be no men in one-piece leotards, so no need to hide your eyes… unless you’re afraid of blood and gore! The… Read On »


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