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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. They say in space, no one can hear you scream.  Well, you’d better hope that’s not true, as Dead Space 3 has crept and crawled its way onto shelves everywhere.  Featuring a new story, setting, and Co-op mode, does the latest in the survival horror series still have what it takes to scare the pants off of you – or will this bump in the night pass… Read On »


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Hands on with Dead Space 3

With Dead Space 3 releasing at the start of next month, EA Games and developer Visceral Games have decided that the time is right to allow players a brief look at Isaac Clarke’s latest adventure, as he crash-lands on the snowy planet of Tau Volantis.  The demo allows players to experience three of Dead Space 3’s main facets, namely the Solo and Co-Op Campaigns, and the Weapon Grafting feature, which appears throughout the game in… Read On »


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In Dead Space 3, the fate of mankind rests in the hands of engineer Isaac Clarke and his new merciless co-op partner, John Carver. Survival is more difficult than ever before, but Visceral Games announced today that fans who pre-order the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition at participating retailers will have the advantage of using two bonus* suits and weapons, right when they start the game.