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This game was reviewed on a Windows PC. Biart Studio‚Äôs Deep Black: Reloaded promises to immerse the player in a compelling, complex storyline, weaving a subtle science fiction setting with an unusual approach to third-person shooters: it puts a bulk of the gameplay underwater. Armed with an array of undersea weapons and gadgets, the player shoots his or her way through a global conspiracy involving bio-terror groups, corrupt corporations, and ineffective governments. You play as… Read On »


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Set in 2047, in a world where global mega corporations have taken over governments and companies fight it out in a battle for dwindling resources. Syrus Pierce is a retired operative of the mercenary group CHARON (Chief Amphibious Reconnaissance Operational Network). Now, years after his retirement, Pierce is contacted by his commanding officer, General Jack Sterling, who informs him that members of a research team have been taken hostage off the western coast of South… Read On »