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Redesigning A Classic, Bro – Double Dragon NEON Review

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  This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360 Ever want to relive the ’good old days’ of gaming, but find classic titles to be terribly outdated?  Well I may have a solution for you in the form of Double Dragon NEON – a downloadable rebirth for the Double Dragon series.  Offering the traditional arcade-styled beat-‘em-up gameplay wrapped in shiny new controls and graphics, does this 80s themed title have what it takes to make… Read On »


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Billy and Jimmy are back in action and more radical than ever, as they return to the streets to save their shared love interest Marian from a new foe, Skullmageddeon. Players pair up with their pals for local “bro-op” play, all while kneeing, punching, and high-fiving their way through new hyper-saturated worlds designed to take players from the mean streets to robo-riddled outer space. Billy and Jimmy aren’t alone, as long-standing foes Williams, Linda, and… Read On »