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Under The Radar – Dragon’s Dogma Review

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. Chances are you’re one of the many that let Capcom’s fantasy epic Dragon’s Dogma slip past you. There’s also a high chance that most of its day-one owners picked it up just for a shot at the Resident Evil 6 demo.  This is a shame, though, as the actual game itself deserves a lot more attention than it received.  What makes the title worthy of your games’… Read On »


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Impressions on Dragon’s Dogma

Recently, Capcom released a demo for the upcoming action role-playing game, Dragon’s Dogma.  Join us as we take a walk through this interesting adventure title, with some pretty attention-grabbing concepts.  As per usual though, minor or major plot spoilers for the demo may be ahead, so read on with caution. Our trial of Dragon’s Dogma gives us access to three different parts of the game: the prologue chapter, character customization, and a monster hunting chapter. … Read On »


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Dragon’s Dogma ,

Dragon’s Dogma introduces an innovative team dynamic to the Action-RPG genre called the Pawn system. Otherworldly AI partners called Pawns aid the Arisen on their journey. A fully customizable main Pawn companion accompanies the Arisen throughout, while two support Pawns can be swapped out based on the Arisen’s needs. Players recruit Pawns by venturing into the Rift, a space between worlds which can be accessed either offline or online.  Players utilizing Xbox LIVE® or PlayStation®Network,… Read On »