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This game was reviewed on PlayStation 3 I wouldn’t say I’m a tabletop gaming aficionado, but I play your average games like Monopoly, Risk, and Dungeons and Dragons.  That’s why when I heard there was a game coming out based on the tabletop game Dungeon Twister I was interested. I hadn’t played it in its tabletop incarnation but I was excited to give it a shot on the PSN. That was, of course, before I… Read On »


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Dungeon Twister

In a fantastic and steampunk world dominated by magic and machines, a powerful mage has captured random adventurers during his travels, and thrown them into his mechanical maze. He is cruel and deceitful, and bored to death. For amusement, he watches his prisoners fight their way through his infernal mechanical maze, the Dungeon Twister. In Dungeon Twister, the player controls a group of 8 adventurers. But not alone… 2 teams have been enclosed in the… Read On »