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This game was reviewed on the PC. Move over Farmville, and make a lot of room for GIANTS Software’s newest release: Farming Simulator 2013. Tired of not reaping what you sow in the gaming world? Need a bit of a slower paced getaway where hard work pays off and nature is your solace? Forget the gimmicky bells and whistles – jump into a virtual world where you aren’t judged by how many cool totems you… Read On »


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An independent game that has become a genuine gaming phenomenon, Farming Simulator managed to attract a huge public, by adapting the realities and subtleties of agriculture and farm life in a realistic farm management simulation game: from harvesting crops to the sales of fresh produce and to animal husbandry, players must manage and develop their own farms in a huge world, aided in this task by over a hundred authentic farming vehicles and machines unlocked… Read On »