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Just Hoppin’ Along – Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition Review

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This game was reviewed on Xbox 360 Frogger is a classic game nearly everyone remembers. The quick-footed amphibian belongs in the Hall of Fame alongside Lara Croft, Mario, and Sonic for early video game characters who remain in the public consciousness.  The objective of a game of Frogger is simple: The player must guide a frog through perilous traffic, across a river filled with logs and nasty spiders, and to the safe spot at the… Read On »


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It’s Frogger the way fans remember – and then some – as the famed amphibian returns in time for its 30th anniversary celebrations with updates that are sure to delight fans old and new. Gamers can leap into the action with classic and brand-new game modes like Tile Capture, Battle Royale, Freak Out and more that expand the challenge of Frogger’s style of run-and-dodge gameplay. Players can also customize their game experience through a variety… Read On »