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Hats off to the Gunstringer (Review)

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. Dust off the six shooters, folks, and pull on your cowboy boots, The Gunstringer is out on Kinect and he’s got a score to settle!  Buried and left for dead by his old posse, this anti-hero is out to take them out and everyone who steps in his way.  This is, without a doubt, the most innovative Kinect game to date!  It spouts a unique set of… Read On »


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The Gunstringer – Hands On

With six shooters blazin’ and marionette strings waxed, The Gunstringer comes out firing this September for the Xbox 360.  As Twisted Pixel’s first non-XBLA release, it will be really interesting to see how the game performs as a full length title.   Originally intended as a download title, it outgrew the size limitations and was moved to an actual disk.  This past weekend, fans were given the chance to shoot the sheep and wrangle with some… Read On »


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The Gunstringer is a unique and innovative Kinect-based platformer/shooter by Twisted Pixel. The twist: you puppeteer an awesome gun-toting cowboy marionette with your hands! Through a series of on stage performances, you puppeteer the Gunstringer in a western-themed revenge story. Taking cues from classic spaghetti westerns all the way to modern revenge tales, players will puppeteer the Gunstringer through a wide range of jaw-dropping moments in order to seek revenge on the posse that betrayed… Read On »