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Beware of Surprises in Small Packages: Knack Review

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Imagine a world where archaeology yields more than ancient bones and treasures to merely display in museums; where everything around the globe is now powered by ancient relics instead of batteries and electricity.  This is the fantastical world that developers SCE Japan Studio and Cerny Games have built for Knack, a 3D action platformer for the PlayStation 4, suitable for one or two players. As the game begins, players are introduced to Dr. Vargas, a… Read On »


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Hands-on With Knack for the PlayStation 4

In a world filled with strategy games and complex first-person shooters, it’s great to be able to just sit down and whack-a-foe for fun.  Knack is a linear adventure game with a hack-and-slash feel to it, and a simplicity that will provide a great ‘pick up and go’ game for players everywhere. While at E3, I had the chance to pick up a controller for a hands-on playthrough of the game, and was able to… Read On »


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