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Written in the Stars – Labyrinth Legends Review

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3. With a greater prevalence of mobile and casual-type games being played amongst the wider gaming community, it’s unsurprising that certain aspects of those popular fields should find their way into other, better-established gaming avenues – such as consoles.  In terms of Labyrinth Legends (Creat Studios’ latest PlayStation Network release), the most recognisable aspect for those familiar with mobile gaming is the inclusion of a star rating system,… Read On »


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Labyrinth Legends

Labyrinth Legends, Creat Studios’ quirky and addictive arcade action-adventure dungeon crawler, features a unique combination of crisp graphics and dazzling visuals, inviting exploration, tricky puzzles, and exciting monster-slashing arcade action.  Players explore hidden catacombs and ancient tombs of lost civilizations as they evade concealed traps and solve an array of intuitive puzzles. While collecting gold and discovering hidden treasure, weapons, artifacts, they must stay alert to battle foreboding mummies, zombies, ghouls and other monsters seeking to… Read On »