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To Save Your Sister You Need To… : Legasista Review For PS3

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  This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3 JRPGs are one of the most divisive genres in gaming, in that players either love them and spend countless hours with their favourite games, or hate them and refuse to step foot even in those titles that receive almost limitless critical acclaim. Whichever of these two camps you happen to fall into, Legasista, with its near-nonsensical storyline, eclectic cast of characters, and grinding gameplay,  isn’t a… Read On »


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In a time when science and technology have fallen into an age of mythology, one stalwart young man must venture into the mysterious confines of the Ivy Tower to save his sister with the help of a certain relic, an ancient weapon in the form of a girl, which can undo the legacy of his trapped sister. Create and recruit allies, battle monsters, avoid traps, and loot dungeons in this Survival Action RPG, powered by… Read On »