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There Ain’t No Party Like a Mario Party 9 (Review)

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This game was reviewed on the Nintendo Wii. Rolling a powerful 10 on the dice block is Mario Party 9, Nintendo’s latest in its popular party game series.  After eight other titles, does this party still have some life in it, or has everyone packed up and gone home? In this iteration of the series, our cast of Mario and friends are enjoying the starry night sky.  This celebration is abruptly ended when our usual villain,… Read On »


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Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 features an array of your favourite Mario characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as introducing a few characters which are completely new to the Mario Party series. Choose your favourite and keep the rivalry between you and your friends alive as in Mario Party 9 you don’t have to play against the computer in multiplayer – in the board game or the Minigames – and choose to play with up to three of your… Read On »