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That’s One Mean Backhand You’ve Got There! – Mario Tennis Open Review

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This game was reviewed on Nintendo 3DS Grab your racquet, tennis fans, because Mario Tennis Open is here and ready to play.  Can the latest game in the famous Nintendo series hold its own on the court, or does it lose before it even sets foot in the stadium?  Strap on your tennis shoes and let’s find out! Mario Tennis Open plays like any standard tennis game, but with a few twists.  For one, the title’s physics are… Read On »


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Mario Tennis Open

In  Mario Tennis Open, players can take on the role of fan-favorite characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser, or play as their own personalized Mii character. Choosing between the Nintendo 3DS system’s intuitive touch-screen controls or traditional button controls, they can dive into action-packed tennis matches in single-player mode or invite others to join in the fun using a local wireless or Wi-Fi Internet connection. With each victory, players accumulate coins that can… Read On »