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Never Laugh At The Short Ninja – Mini Ninja Adventures Review

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. Coming at you with all the fury of a miniature tidal wave is the Arcade Kinect title Mini Ninja Adventures.  Is this spin-off of the 2009 title just too tiny to deliver, or do good things truly come in small packages? Mini Ninja Adventures tells the story of a young ninja named Hiro and his quest to become the most powerful ninja ever.  However, all his friends… Read On »


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Mini Ninjas Adventures

Developed specifically for Kinect, Mini Ninjas Adventures lets you become the ninja! Get ready to swipe, kick and battle your way through intense ninja action as you help Hiro rescue his master and fellow ninjas from the clutches of the evil Samurai Warlord. Developed by Side-kick Ltd, Mini Ninjas Adventures will be coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade priced at 800 points. Future ninjas can look forward to taking on 21 different levels and a… Read On »