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Retro Review – Mount and Blade Collection

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This game was reviewed on the PC. TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount & Blade series has found a niche as an underground hit over the last few years, owing its modest success to its unique combat system, open-world gameplay, and bold rejection of standard RPG norms.  Spawning a sequel and a spin-off title, Paradox Interactive, the series’ publisher, has decided to package all three games  – including Mount & Blade, Mount & Blade: Warbands, and Mount &… Read On »


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Mount and Blade Collection

Paradox Interactive welcomes you to Calradia, a medieval world stained by war, yet bristling with opportunities for the brave and the cunning. Step forward into the realm of – Mount and Blade. Populated by lords and vassals who rule over the peasantry. Where knights and mercenaries fight side by side, or against each other. A land filled with all manner of threats, from roving bands of bandits to parties of war-deserters. Where merchants trade their… Read On »