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Royal Cuteness Seeks World Domination – Mugen Souls Review For PS3

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3. Compile Heart has recently graced North America with the junior role-playing title Mugen Souls, available exclusively for PlayStation.  The game begins in typical anime fashion, with the main character Chou-Chou (the undisputed god of the universe) dancing on stage with her friends and singing to an audience of fluffy bunnies that you will come to affectionately refer to as Shampurus.  Shampurus are Chou-Chou’s peons; they are people… Read On »


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Mugen Souls

There exists a small galaxy in the universe containing seven worlds, shimmering in seven colors… These worlds exist and act independent of one another. This has allowed them to develop and nurture rich, unique cultures. Then one day, a decree was sent out… “I’m gonna make everything in each of these worlds bow to me!” – The Undisputed Goddess, Chou-Chou