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New Little King’s Story Review For PlayStation Vita

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  This game was reviewed on the PlayStation Vita I think that I was in the minority of gamers back in 2009, due to the fact that I actually purchased the original Little King’s Story upon its release for the Nintendo Wii. Critically well-received but in no way commercially successful, Little King’s Story flew too far under many gamers’ radars for it to create much of a splash. Luckily for King Corobo and his loyal… Read On »


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New Little King’s Story

Set in a beautifully-realized game world, New Little King’s Story follows the player as they assume the role of a King tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from an invader known only as ‘The Nightmare.’ King Corobo, a plucky 14-year-old royal, presides over a stricken land. The evil Nightmare is running havoc and the populace lives in fear as it preys on them. Thus, as Corobo, the user must unite their subjects in order to fight… Read On »