Game: “Night of the Rabbit”

The Night of the Rabbit (Review)

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This game was reviewed on the PC. When we were young, the world seemed as if it was so full of wonder and possibility. Oft times we would dream our days away with nothing more than a friend or two, a stick, and an open field. As we grow up, we leave behind many of the simple pleasures our own imagination grants us, so it’s nice when something comes along to rekindle that kind of… Read On »


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First Impressions – The Night of the Rabbit

Good point-and-click adventures are hard to come by in a world filled with epic 2D side-scrollers, FPSs, or even old reliable – action RPGs. For those who fondly remember our childhood adventures, when we lost ourselves in our storybooks, Daedalic Entertainment brings us the newest installment in their point-and-click collection: The Night of the Rabbit.GamerLiving got a sneak preview of the BETA, and we’re here to go through what will be awaiting you.  So grab… Read On »


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