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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Review

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3. I’ve always heard that it’s not easy being a ninja.  They say that it’s tough work, slicing your enemies.  Well today I flew through the air to destroy a helicopter.  Later on I jumped, dodged, ran, and very occasionally cut at an angry dinosaur, hacking away at a very vital health bar bit by bit.  He killed me, usually with only one or two moves, more times… Read On »


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Ninja Gaiden III: A Gaiden For The Rest Of Us

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360 console. A couple of years ago, I picked up Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to the franchise reboot. I’d heard many things about the difficulty of the game, but didn’t heed anyone’s warning. I got home, popped it in to my Xbox 360, and went right along hacking and slashing my way to the first level boss. After trying for about an hour or so and getting nowhere,… Read On »


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NINJA GAIDEN 3 takes players behind the mask of the series’ beloved Japanese dark hero, Ryu Hayabusa, with an original story from noted writer Masato Kato that brings new depth to the game’s hardcore fighting and swordsmanship. Built upon the same intense action for which the franchise is renowned, NINJA GAIDEN 3 will challenge seasoned players while still remaining accessible for newer players. Team NINJA’s game delivers a heightened intensity during close combat fighting, including… Read On »