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Wii U Review – Does It Make The Grade?

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This review was conducted on the Deluxe 32GB Model Wii U system. After the announcement a year and a half ago, and what can be described as a mixed bag of accolades and apprehensive fanfare, the Wii U has finally been unleashed upon the masses.  Designed with the intention to recapture the core gaming crowd, while still maintaining the Wii’s magical power over the casual and younger demographics, this new system from Nintendo has put… Read On »


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Impressions On Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Wii U Announcement

Last night, Nintendo streamed a pre-E3 video briefly detailing features of their upcoming system, theWiiU.  If you happened to miss it, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with the lowdown on the new console. Read On »


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Hands-on with the WiiU

After Nintendo’s announcement about their next generation console, the WiiU, at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, we at Gamer Living were split into two camps of excitement versus skepticism.  What would this new console have to offer?  Would it be something to finally rival the Xbox and PlayStation 3?  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to have hands-on time last June – something that Nintendo happily rectified for us at this year’s Consumer Electronics… Read On »


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