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Get into the Rhythm of Battle – Orgarhythm Review For PlayStation Vita

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This game is reviewed on the PlayStation Vita. Orgarhythm, released exclusively for the PlayStaion Vita and developed by Acquire, is one of those experimental titles that seems a perfect fit for the rapidly-growing downloadable-game scene – and not just because you’d find the name difficult to ask for in a physical store As a mash-up between the rhythm and strategy genres, Orgarhythm has you guiding a god around a series of landscapes and directing troops… Read On »


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Orgarhythm is a unique title that combines the strategic elements of an RTS game with the speed and coordination of a music rhythm game. Troops, formations, and temporary enhancements are each assigned through rhythmic button presses on the PS®Vita Touchscreen, which level-up your characters when performed successfully, and level them down when presses are mistimed. Playing as the God of Light, players will battle the forces of the God of Darkness by guiding elemental soldiers… Read On »