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It Certainly Doesn’t Mince Words – Platformer From Hell Indie Review For Xbox 360

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. Platformers have been a staple of gaming consoles since long before Mario and Luigi graced us with their adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom.  Platform games are notorious for requiring a steady hand, a trained eye, and some decent memory skills to make your way past the most difficult levels to achieve your goals.  Hoosier Games, however, makes you stay on your A-game through every level of their… Read On »


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Platformer from Hell

Platformer from Hell follows the adventures of Tie Guy, who, on the way to meet delicious fate with a pastrami sandwich, took the elevator to what he thought would be the mezzanine deli.  Tie Guy was wrong, and now he’s got to make his way out of the fiery depths of Hell if he wants to be with his precious sandwich ever again!