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The PlayStation Vita Review

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This review was performed using two PlayStation Vita 3G models. After the long, long wait, has gotten their PlayStation Vitas, charged them up, and run them through the gauntlet. The PlayStation Vita, introduced to the world as the NGP, or Next Gen Portable, in January 2011 has finally arrived.  We’ve all seen the press releases, gotten hands-on with the device, and experienced gameplay with its front and rear touchpads and two analog sticks, but… Read On »


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Sony Announces The Not Playstation Portable 2

It goes without saying that after yesterday morning, sites like Kotaku have gone absolutely ape crazy with their coverage of the Sony Press Conference last night of the Next Gen Portable (formerly dubbed as the PSP2 by everyone in the media and consumer market circles, except Sony).  And who can blame them? I’ve only had my PSP for a short time, but I very much enjoy the look, feel, and features that are available on… Read On »


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