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Puddle is a physics-based mixture of puzzle and platform elements, with the player steering a puddle of liquid to an exit point by manipulating the game environment. The user tips the levels to move the liquid, and must gauge the friction, momentum and properties of the different liquids in order to bypass hazards such as electrical sparks, fire, rifts, and obstacles.

Splish, Splash, Bloop! – Puddle For PS Vita Review

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This game was reviewed on PlayStation Vita Water: something we couldn’t live without, something often featured or used in games, but never truly used as the core mechanic.  Enter Puddle, a wonderful little 2D puzzle game for the PlayStation Vita.  How does a title based entirely on liquids hold up?  Let’s take a splash in it and find out! Puddle follows the chain reactions set in motion by a single spilt cup of coffee, which… Read On »


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The Secret Life Of A (Puddle Review)

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3. Ever wonder what secret life may be in store for your basic liquids when you’re not looking? Me neither. But the imaginative minds at Neko Entertainment have dreamt up a wondrous adventure for a discarded cup of coffee; the obstacles it will overcome, the terrors it will face, and the redemption it will find in the end. Well, there isn’t necessarily any redemption, but the rest of… Read On »


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Puddle Hands On

Toronto’s 2011 edition of FanExpo showcased many interesting and entertaining events and games –, a couple of which stood out in my mind.  One of those games was Puddle, a Konami title coming out for the XBLA/PSN, shown to us off-site at the Konami Gamers’ Night 2011 at Real Sports Bar’s upper lounge. Puddle has a very simple concept that produces extremely fun and challenging puzzles.  The player is given a puddle of liquid that… Read On »


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