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Ragnarok Tactics Review For PSP

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation Portable. For those of you who simply cannot get enough of Ragnarok Online, now you can take it on the road in tactical form by downloading Ragnarok Tactics on your PSP or PS Vita! When you first start the game, you are told the story of the lands: long ago, two great nations, the Branshaldo Empire and the Aura Republic, engaged in a long and drawn-out war over… Read On »


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Ragnarok Tactics

Long ago, a ferocious war, which came to be known as the Holy War, was waged. It was during this bloody conflict that humanity erected a magical barrier to keep both gods and demons from overrunning their world. Once the war was over, it was believed that peace would return. However, humanity soon began to turn on itself, and war began anew. Many centuries after the Holy War, the Branshaldo Empire and the Aura Republic… Read On »