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Bringing the Lombax Back: Ratchet and Clank Collection Review

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  This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3 As mentioned in the Infamous Collection review, Sony’s line of PlayStation Collections is a perfect opportunity for those who have missed out on some of the biggest franchises in the console’s history to redeem themselves.  In terms of the Ratchet and Clank Collection, which includes all three of the duo’s original adventures, it gives gamers the chance to experience some of the best-loved games from the… Read On »


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Ratchet and Clank Collection

Experience the classic adventures of the universe’s favorite Lombax, Ratchet and his robotic sidekick Clank in this classic PlayStation®2 trilogy now fully remastered in high definition! Wield the original tools of destruction as you travel from planet to planet unraveling their original story and explosive adventures in this PS3™ exclusive.