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Just Keep Swimming – Reef Shot Review

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Whether you’re into first-person shooters, RPGs, puzzlers, or platformers, if someone were to ask why you play video games, at the heart of your answer will most likely be escapism.  Games provide  hours upon hours of entertainment, where you don’t have to worry about life, your job, the next assignment that’s due, or tomorrow’s exam.   It’s a chance for you to step into someone else’s shoes and explore new environments – sometimes learning something new… Read On »


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Reef Shot

Reef Shot is an underwater adventure game that takes the player on an unusual voyage to the Pacific and gives him an opportunity to explore the world of marine life and discover sunken Mayan ruins and the end of the world prophecy. The player starts a photo-diving expedition along the coast of Robinson Crusoe Island, which becomes a mysterious underwater adventure. The game combines a navigation system in 3D space and mechanics of taking photos… Read On »