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Hitting All The Low Notes – Rocksmith Bass Expansion Review

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  This game was reviewed on Xbox 360 Since Rocksmith’s release last October, bass-playing fans have been waiting to see if they’ll be able to get in on the fun.  Thankfully that patience has paid off, as the Bass Expansion has been released.  Was it worth the months of waiting, or is it terribly out of tune? Rocksmith Bass Expansion acts exactly like the main game, with the obvious exception that the instrument has changed. … Read On »


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Welcome to the School of Rock! – Rocksmith Review

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. When I was a teenager, I wanted to learn how to play guitar.  My father, being a musician himself, began to teach me the basics.  He started me on finger positioning, basic chords, and simple progressions.  Admittedly, the first two weeks of learning the guitar were hell.  Beyond the monotony of playing the same basic group of chords over and over again was the lack of instant… Read On »


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Rocksmith – Hands On

When I was growing up, I really wanted to be in a band.  Not a Rock Band band (such things didn’t exist when I was that age), but a Rock and Roll band. 


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Rocksmith is the first and only game where players can plug any  real guitar with a standard quarter-inch input jack into an Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, a PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system or PC, and play through an in-depth library of music including everything from the latest hits to classic rock songs.