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Runes of Magic Chapter Five: Ruins of Shadowforge Review

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This game was reviewed on PC I’ve dabbled in a bevy of MMOs since I first picked up World of Warcraft at launch so long ago. Each offering in the MMO genre has its own merits, but I’ve always had to carefully consider the economic merits of a game. Playing an MMO often turns me into a mathematician, weighing the hours of entertainment I gain versus the monthly fees that I shell out, not to… Read On »


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Runes of Magic

Set in the stunning lands of Taborea, Runes of Magic immerses players in a dynamic world of fantastical beasts, enchanted weapons, and unlimited possibilities. The games multi-class system lets players combine classes in order to boost their abilities. Players can create a highly customized environment by furnishing a virtual home and constructing guild castles. In addition, players can choose from two different playable races, Elves and Humans, each with their own powerful skills.