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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360. Enter a world unlike any other.  A world of spooky creatures, eerie sounds, and backdrops that look like something out of a children’s book that Tim Burton would have cherished.  Enter the world of Scarygirl.  Here you’ll find a girl abandoned when she was young and found by an intelligent octopus named Blister.  Blister decides to take care of the girl and fondly names her Scarygirl.  Trolling the… Read On »


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Impressions on Scarygirl

Earlier this week,  Square Enix announced that they are bringing Scarygirl to Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and PC, along with some screens and a trailer.  This downloadable game is a bit of a surprise, with release dates right around the corner. If you’re asking yourself: “What is Scarygirl?” then sit tight, and we’ll take a look at this upcoming title. Scarygirl is a game based on the graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius of the same… Read On »


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