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War of the Cute – Disney Infinity vs. Skylanders


Just over two years ago, a fierce purple dragon and his friends rushed onto the gaming scene in what was perhaps the one of the most underestimated franchises of this generation: Activision and Toys For Bob’s Skylanders.  Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures, which officially released in October 2011, introduced a unique gameplay mechanism that saw real-world toy figures being ‘teleported’ into the virtual world of the video game through a peripheral called the Portal (connected to the consoles… Read On »


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Skylanders Giants Review

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  This game was reviewed on Xbox 360 Last year, Earthlings were introduced to the pint-sized heroes from Skylands, trapped on Earth in frozen forms as children’s toys. Players learned that we are the only Portal Masters left who can bring the Skylanders back to life by using the Portal of Power. And so, we embarked on an adventure to help these Skylanders teleport back to their homeworld to save it from certain doom. These adorable characters somehow… Read On »


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Hands On With Skylanders Giants

The wizards at Activision have done it again, and this time, they’ve cooked up a bigger version of their hit children’s game, Skylanders. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been little over a year since the Skylanders came into being and won the hearts of gamers both young and old. This time around, fans of the Spyro franchise can dive once more into Skylands with bigger, bolder, and dare I say it, better Skylanders… Read On »


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